Silence has a noise too! 

And the noises come out from the followings which you are already acquainted with:


3 Films on Mining in India


The Real Face of Vedanta by Surya Shankar Dash | 33 min


The Real Face of Vedanta draws attention to the plight of the communities from more than twenty villagessuffering from the pollution caused by the one million tonne per annum aluminium refinery plant of Vedanta in Lanjigarh, Orissa. The film has shocking images of river pollution by the Vedanta refinery while it claims to be zero discharge factory. The impact of the pollution is explicit on the faces of little children and on the bodies of men and women afflicted by undiagnosed skin blisters. The film was used as evidence on how a Public Hearing by the State Pollution Control Board was disrupted by Vedanta�s supporters when people opposed the expansion of the refinery and thus contradicted the official statement which claims people support for the project. This documentary exposes many lies of Vedanta like its claims of providing cholera relief to the Dongria Kondh, of doing peripheral development, etc.


Iron is Hot by Biju Toppo and Meghnath | 35 min       

Loha Garam Hai (Iron is Hot) is the story of people surviving within the sponge iron industry in India. This material is made out of iron ore used for making steel. Though India began producing sponge iron only 20 years ago, today the country is the largest sponge iron manufacturer in the world. India had only three sponge iron factories in 1985. The number rose to 23 in 2001 and multiplied to become 206 in 2005. Today, reportedly, 225 factories are under construction and the number is anticipated to reach 450 very soon though the unofficial figures may be much higher. The sponge iron industry is spread over Orissa, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and West Bengal and in small numbers, is found in Goa, Maharashtra and Karnataka. 


The film is on this astonishing growth but the focus is on the little benefit it accrues to the local people.  It won the IDPA Award for the Best Film on Environment recently.


Before Dark by Ajay TG | 33 min


Not long ago filmmaker Ajay TG along with pediatrician Dr. Binayak Sen were behind bars in notorious Chhattisgarh, accused of being Naxalites. Thanks to public pressure both were released. In Ajay�s case the police had no explanation whatsoever about why he had been jailed at all. After his release Ajay continued to make films. His latest is a film on how Jindal Corporation has illegally usurped the land of adivasis and villagers, for its coal operations in Chhattisgarh.